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Dragon dreaming

Project summary

We have 4 spaces free, in Cantabria – Spain, all taken in charge by Erasmus+ funds. 

Our training course about Dragon Dreaming in Spain will be used as a participative methodology, both for theoretical and practical sessions.
Entrepreneurial tools and skills will be provided to adult workers, together with other soft skills,  like teamwork, alternative organisational and economic modalities and other instruments to  boost their future projects’ quality.
The participating adult workers, after achieved these innovative skills, will be able to apply them it in their daily work, improving significantly the quality of their organizations. Meanwhile, their motivation will enhance, they will amplify their study plans and, subsequently, boost their  ntities supplying new strategic visions.
Dragon Dreaming will also foster diversity, creativity and sustainability, so that they will be able  to offer more attractive activities and trainings, improving the participation of the adult learners with whom they work.

Dragon Dreaming method supports managing projects of any kind, focusing on deep  engagement of every member. It offers methods for the realisation of creative, collaborative and sustainable projects and organisations.
The method integrates holistic aspects which have long been ignored, separated or divided in our culture: our right and left brain hemispheres, logic and intuition, individual and environment, theory and practice, thought and action, work and play, success and failure.
Dragon Dreaming is based on liberalising collective intelligence, creativity, cooperation and the
sleeping power within ourselves and inherent in our communities.